JMBI (Journal of Marketing and Business Intelligence) this journal publishes original research by academic, business, and government contributors on strategies, governance, tools, applications, techniques, and technologies for BI. Providing a global forum for researching and reporting diverse aspects and issues that affect BI, JMBI targets researchers, practitioners, academicians, knowledge management researchers, and other industry-related experts. The journal examines all aspects of the BI field, including organizational and social issues, technological developments, educational issues, and analytical techniques that foster or inhibit evidence-based decision-making in organizations.The journal accepts the submission of manuscripts using quantitative research approaches as well as qualitative and mixed approaches. JMBI encourages contributions using methodologies such as Case Studies, Action Research, Design Science Research, Grounded-Theory, or Delphi. Systematic literature reviews are also welcomed. High-quality submissions are encouraged using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research methodologies and methods.

Published: 2023-05-26